Pure Cycle 280

Pure Cycle

Pure Cycle is originally manufactured by P&W, energy division of UTC Technologies. Hot Earth handles the Remote Monitoring System of the Pure Cycle available around the globe.

Pure cycle front picture
Pure Cycle 280kW Binary ORC
With 4 Pure Cycle connected in modular, we can build 1MW site.

・Application: Geothermal and waste heat
・Size: W:230cm D:580cm H:350cm
・Weight: 12,500kg
・Hot water: 10.5 liter/sec @150℃ / Cold water: 65 liter/sec@30℃

Performance Chart


Pure Cycle in the world

purecycle in the world
・ More than 80 unit. Accumurated run time is more than 800,000 hours (2012), 98%+.

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