Energy.  It is essential for our life and our enterprise.  Energy is everywhere around us.  It is present in various forms, as light, wind and hydro, but it is most abundant in the form of heat, especially in Japan.

In a warming world, where climate concerns are increasing year by year.  The efficiency and sustainability of our traditional fossil fuel and nuclear power plants that lose more than half their energy as heat into the atmosphere are in question.  How we think about and manage heat energy to meet our power requirements is of greater importance today than at any time in our collective history.

Hot Earth Enterprise was established to address these concerns.  Our goal is to reduce the thermal footprint on the planet we inhabit.  We apply new and established technologies in innovative ways to capture distributed heat energy to produce more accessible, useful, and economical electrical and thermal power to where it is demanded.

Hot Earth Enterprise is leading the way towards the new distributed energy architecture of the future, for our society, and for our Earth.

Thomas Giuffre
CEO, Hot Earth Enterprise