Solutions and Technology

Hot Earth Enterprise has accumulated expertise in thermodynamics, mechanical and electrical engineering and plant engineering design.

We develop thermal driven plants based on binary Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology, micro gas turbine technologies for combined heating, cooling and power (CHP) applications and are developing new thermodynamic methods of grid-scale storage.

While ORC heat engines have been understood for many decades, they have only recently made the transition into volume manufacturing. These versatile, modular and compact machines rely on a boiling working fluid to drive a turbine, similar to the way a steam turbine operates by relying on boiling water. The important quality of the ORC engine is that the fluids it depends upon may boil at relatively low temperatures.

Since this ability to use an alternative working fluid enables power to be generated at temperatures that are relatively low, it thus allows for useful energy to be generated from a much wider variety of sources, including: hot springs, combustion engine waste heat, and methane gas from landfills and other biomass sources.

We source technology from partners in the US, Europe, and Japan and design and build our systems in Japan.

Our key strategic partners include Air Burners in the U.S. For Japanese partners, refer to the page.